Daniel Tarrida

Daniel Tarrida © Daniel Tarrida

Born in Barcelona, he began playing the piano with the professor A. Giménez Attenelle and later continued his studies with C. Valero and A. Besses. He was awarded, among others, with the first prize in the XXVII Competition of Young Performers of Musical Youth.

He has delved into the world of lied with F. Poyato, A. Mateu, T. Ruf and M. Shirai, and recently formed a duet with C. Tinney. He is the founder of the BZM project and director of the BACHCELONA Festival (since 2013) and the EDINBACH Festival (2017) in Edinburgh. With these projects he has been able to collaborate with such renowned performers as T. Koopman, K. Mertens, S. Macleod, S. Sato, P. Thuriot, J. de la Rubia, C. Pouvreau or S. Küchler-Blessing.

Finally, he has also worked on stage proposals related to classical music such as shows Somiant el carnaval dels animals and La casa flotant, productions by the Gran Teatre del Liceu, i El castillo rojo, premiered at the 58th Granada International Music and Dance Festival. In this last proposal he was also the musical manager of the arrangements, for which he was nominated for the Max Award 2011 for Best Musical Composition for Stage Show.


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