Joana Gomila


Singer, songwriter and performer, she releases her first album Folk Souvenir, where she explores the echoes and resonances of popular music in Mallorca, singing tunes and weaving sounds close to jazz and improvised music, with Santi Careta, Laia Vallès, Àlex Reviriego and Arnau Obiols. Folk Souvenir received the Ciutat de Palma Bonet de Sanpedro Prize (2108) and the Rosselló-Pòrcel Prize (2017) from Obra Cultural Balear.

As a result of Folk Souvenir and thanks to a meeting proposed by L'Auditori de Barcelona with the dancer Lali Ayguadé, they create the show Sa Mateixa (2018), with Magí Serra, Laia Vallès and Santi Careta.

As a singer and performer, she has been part of numerous stage projects such as Medea by Andrés Lima and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón (Teatro de la Ciudad, 2015), with music by Jaume Manresa; Negret de Guinea (Corcada Teatre 2011, Escènica award for best musical show 2012); Siau Benvingut (Teatre Principal de Palma, 2009); Pèl al Pit (Corcada Teatre 2008, Premi Bòtil 2008), among others. She is also the singer, performer and songwriter of the show Esquerdes, by the contemporary circus company Hotel iocandi, with whom they have won the 2015 Zirkòlica award for best show. They have toured Europe and Asia.

She has composed, among others, the music and the sound of the show The Many (Mariantònia Oliver company), of Here (collaboration between dancers Lali Ayguadé & Guilhem Chatir), or the dance piece Remor, by Res de Res company & Joan Miquel Artigues (Total Theater Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012).

She sings with the Rufaca Folk Jazz Orchestra, the Big Band of Sergi Vergés, with arrangements and direction by Vergés, (Beatus Ille, 2017, SeedMusic). She often collaborates with musicians from the current Barcelona jazz scene such as Iago Aguado, Toni Vaquer, Celeste Alías, Marcel·lí Bayer and Pep Garau. She collaborates as a double bass player with the singer-songwriter Lu Rois (Clarobscur, 2017). She has collaborated on Joan Miquel Oliver's latest album, Elektraand on the album El perfum dels vegetals by Miquel Serra.

She has experimented with the world of poetry and the performing arts with projects such as Espiral d'Embulls, Mula Morta, and Pèl Capell collective. She has been part of Espiral d'Embulls (RNE 4 Catalan Disc of the Year 2004 award for L'edat del plàstic), by Projecte d'Efak (tribute to the singer and poet Guillem d'Efak), by Corcada Teatre (Pèl al pit, Negret de Guinea, etc.). She has also sung with the Liceu Big Band, Trispol Swing and Trio Cruzat, among others.

In 2014 she graduated in jazz singing at the Conservatori Superior del Liceu and at Souza Lima in Brazil, where she learned from masters such as David Mengual, Celeste Alías, André Marques, Albert Bover, Sergi Vergés and Ramon Prats. She studied in São Paulo (thanks to an IEA scholarship) and also has a degree in Art History.


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