Manu Sabaté

Manu Sabaté © Josep Tomàs

Trained at the ESMUC (Catalonia) and the Sibèlius Academy (Finland), he is a restless and versatile musician who, starting from traditional music, explores new artistic dimensions and seeks to find the limits of the reed instruments he plays: gralla, tenora , clarinet and bass clarinet, baritone saxophone…

At the national level, he leads the Inxa Impro Quintet project, with which he has released three albums: Out of Trad (2017), Kind of Trad (2014) and All that Trad (2013), and has participated in the second generation of the New Catalan Ensemble with the publication of the album Ruralisme il·lustrat (2015). He is currently part of groups such as Quatrevents, Metralla, Ethic Labs and New Catalan Ensemble. He has also been part of Morena Tradipatxanga, Alenky, Kepa Junkera's band "Fok", Folk Laietà, Borinots Tresquartrance… 

At the international level, he collaborates with the Gaizca project, which brings together Galicio-Belgian and Basque musicians, with whom he has published Gaizca Project (2019); with the Breton group Spontus, with whom he released the album in 2017 Spontus & Manu Sabaté, and with the Polish group Janusz Prusinowski Kumpana, with whom he toured South Korea in 2019. In 2013 he also collaborated with the Sibelius Folk Big Band on the album FBB, and with the FolkMus project, with which he published Buurr in 2014.


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