Nico Roig


Nico Roig (Barcelona, 1976) is a Catalan singer, songwriter and musician who has produced four solo albums. He has also collaborated as a guitarist for various musical projects in Catalonia and Brussels, where he has lived for years.

He studied jazz and composition in his hometown and continued his studies at the Liège Conservatory of Music. He later lived in Brussels where he participated in musical projects such as Os Meus Shorts and The Crappy Mini Band. With the last group he toured Japan, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

In 2011 he returned to Barcelona and recorded his first solo album Tonada del genoma humà  (Amniòtic Records). The album stood out for its haunting lyrics and a certain amount of humor. Two years later he produced the album Les dones macabres, where he elaborated his dark but also innocent universe. Apart from his solo career, he has also played electric guitar on the tours of other artists such as Pau Vallvé, Maria Coma and Refree. In 2014 he released the second album of Os Meus Shorts. He released his third album in 2016, Vol. 71,  who moved away from his style as a singer-songwriter with more orchestral arrangements and more experimental music.

He has worked making film compositions such as the short Suc de síndria (2019), which he later reused on his fourth album Yo siempre sueño que sí, released in 2020. On this album he has experimented with three-dimensional music.


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