Pere Martínez

Pere Martínez © Pere Martínez

Pere Martínez is one of the most interesting and promising voices on the Catalan scene. The enthusiasm and strength of his cante (singing) transports us to passages of intimacy and splendor.

Its versatility has allowed him to participate in various projects away from classical flamenco, therefore we are facing a heterodox cantaor who, with a great artistic interest, has given voice to music of such different genres such as singer-songwriter, contemporary symphonic music or traditional Catalan song. This feature has led him to sing in Germany, Hungary, France, Russia, Korea, India, Algeria, Colombia, Chile, Cuba and Canada, among others.

His artistic career is based on classical flamenco, he has sung in tablaos from Barcelona and studied music at Taller de Músics, where he graduated in cante flamenco with Chiqui de la Linea and Chicuelo as teachers. Later, he was also a professor of cante in this school.

He participated as a soloist, together with María Hinojosa Montenegro, with the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra and with the Bogota Philharmonic, singing Requiem al cantaor de los poetas by Enric Palomar (2018), under the conduction of Josep Caballé.

He is the lead singer of the group Los Aurora, an ensemble that has brought its flamenco-jazz to many countries on different continents, with an excellent reception of its reinterpretation of songs by Manuel de Falla, F. G. Lorca and Felip Pedrell. His collaborations also include accompanying a Catalan cobla or a group of jazz musicians, giving voice to varied repertoires and music.


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