Training 1

Interview with Òscar Peñarroya and Cèsar Aparicio

Training 2


Training 3

First reading of the songs

Training 4

Text analysis

Training 5

Body warming

Training 6

Interpretation games

Training 7

Sing with a mask

Training 8

VIRTUAL in the classrooms


2. The digital world

Sing The digital world

3. Marcel's Blues

Sing Marcel's blues

4. The creation of Sara

Sing Lto the creation of Sara

5. All I can do for you

Sing All I can do for you

6. Run jumps

Sing Run jumps

7. The music

Sing Lthe music

8. The rain

Sing The rain

9. What do I do?

Sing What do I do?

10. Goodbye

Sing Bye

11. Final

Sing Final