Tanit Plana

creation and direction

Captain Candle, choreographer and peformer
Lluïsa Espigolé, piano
Adriana Aranda, soprano
Isabella Gutiérrez, sound composition

Silvia Delagneau, stage space
Paula González, helping stage space
Marina Giraldos, assistant director
Raquel García-Tomás, music consultancy

Alalimón Gallery, exhibition space


With the support of: Fabra i Coats, Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya and Ciutat de Barcelona Awards
A co-production of L'Auditori and Grec Festival de Barcelona


JOANNA BAILIE: Artificial Environments No.8
ISABELLA GUTIÉRREZ: Live electronic composition


Barcelona's Tanit Plana, born in 1975, has made herself known through her photographic work, which generates questions and is related, above all, to issues in the family and in the domestic and intimate space. He has carried out photographic research projects that have received all kinds of awards. For the commissioning of the programming Scenes, he has chosen to combine this discipline with music and dance in a montage about birth; about this pregnancy and this part to which, as the American writer Siri Hustvedt points out, thinkers of all times have paid so little attention. We are called to celebrate life, to feel perinatal death, to revolt against obstetric violence and to surrender to the powers of the parties: the origin of the world. Accompanied by this journey to the beginnings of life, he is accompanied by the pianist specializing in contemporary music Lluïsa Espigolé and the radical and groundbreaking Cadiz dancer and choreographer Candela Capitán, who participates for the first time in a theatrical experience and promises not to leave anyone indifferent. And she is an especially powerful artist, creator of high-impact images.

The project Part it overflows and expands beyond L'Auditori and, during the month of July, it can be seen in the form of a photographic exhibition in the Alalimón Galería space, on Carrer de México in Barcelona.

Escenes, the proposed meeting of artistic disciplines in L'Auditori, becomes a fruitful space for creative freedom. Creation and fertility, from the point of view, the body and the female perspective, will be the discursive thread of an artistic story inspired by women and creation.



You come from a chain of millions of sexual intercourses.
We were all born.
Although we were all born, the image of labor is hidden.
Labor is a place from where to observe the structural violence that women go through.

If you want to destroy a woman psychologically, you have to exert violence through her vagina.
Rape is a standard toolbox in military tactics.
Like obstetric violence, rape is a strategy to effectively control women both physically and psychologically: by inducing trauma through the vagina, you print the consequences on the brain.

Life doesn't need you,
life doesn't need me.
You are dead.
Maybe I'll be dead too.
But it doesn't matter,
because life doesn't die.



You come from a chain of millions of intercourses.
We were all born.
Although we were all born, childbirth is a hidden image.
Childbirth is the basic nucleus from which to observe the structural violence suffered by women.

If what is intended is to destroy a woman psychologically, the most effective is to exert violence through her vagina.
Rape is one of the usual tools in military tactics.
Rape, like obstetric violence, is an effective strategy of physical and psychological control of women, because trauma through the vagina is etched in the brain.

Life does not need you
Life does not need me.
You are dead.
I will probably die too.
But it doesn't matter,
because life does not die.


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