Early music: Cor Cererols

GREGORIAN: Ne recorderis (funeral responsory) 3 '
JOAN MARC (1582-1658): Requiem for 8 voices 40 ′
JOAN CEREROLS (1618-1680): Dies irae for 4 voices 5 ′
ANSELM FERRER (1882-1969): Lamentació de Divendres Sant (1933) 11 ′
GREGORIAN: Sicut ovis (responsory) 3 '
ANSELM FERRER (1882-1969): Lamentació de Dissabte Sant (1934) 8 ′

One indication of the good health of vocal music specialising in the early music repertoire is the birth of Cor Cererols, which is conducted by Marc Díaz, also an organist, and comprises already very experienced young voices.

The three composers featured in the programme, as well as the choir itself and its conductor, are linked to the monastery and choir of Montserrat: Joan Cererols, the most important and influential composer of the very early Catalan Baroque era, studied there under Joan Marc, the musician who succeeded the great Castilian polyphonist Tomás Luis de Victoria as organist of the Convent of Las Descalzas Reales in Madrid. In spite of having lived in the 19th and 20th centuries, Anselm Ferrer’s music was greatly influenced by the best Renaissance polyphony, which he consumed in copious amounts during his stay in Rome.


Belén Barnaus, Brenda Sara, Elionor Martínez, Laura Martínez, Maëlys Robbine and Sara Sarroca sopranos
Albert Baena, Daniel Folqué, Mariona Llobera and Mercè Bruguera contralts - countertenors
Carles Prat, Ferran Mitjans, Martí Doñate, Matthew Thomson and Oriol Guimerà tenors
Antonio Fajardo, Francesc Ortega, Joan Climent, Víctor Vilca and Vincent De Soomer bass-baritones

Marc Díaz conductor

In collaboration with

Early music: Cor Cererols


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