ESCENES: Women and creation: “Pairidaeza” by Marina Herlop
Program of this concert:
Scenes: "Herd" by Marina Herlop


A garden is the world’s smallest piece of land and, at the same time, the whole world. Ancient cultures did devote particular attention to the poetry hiding in these small spaces enclosed within walls. In fact, the Persians referred to it using the term pairidaeza, which later developed into the word paradise. The inextricable nature of a garden is limited and arranged by humans, a process that has a lot in common with what happens during artistic creation.

In this interdisciplinary concert featuring dance and the performing arts, in dialogue with the space designed by the architectural firm Takk, Marina Herlop will tell us about artistic creation through the image of a garden. In contrast with the cryptic concepts that are often associated with the creative process, such as inspiration or talent, Herlop defends a vision of creation associated with, for example, perseverance, study, practice and dedication.

Marina Herlop recorded what would become her first album, Nanook (Instrumental Records, 2016), as British-Spanish pianist James Rhodes’ protegée. In this work, she experimented with harmony, composing her own music with voice and the piano as her only tools. In her second album, and the third one, yet to be released, the artist explores the sound possibilities of electronic music.

Now, through this commission by L’Auditori, she is testing her ability to create a hybrid between music and the stage.

Escenes, the proposed meeting place for artistic disciplines at L’Auditori, offers a fertile ground for creative freedom. Creation and fertility from a female regard, form and perspective will be the discursive thread of an artistic tale inspired by women and creation.


Marina Herlop, musical direction, voice, piano and keyboards
Takk (Mireia Luzárraga + Alex Murillo), space design
Òscar Garrobé, bass
Toni Llull, percussion
Marta Torrella and Helena Ros, voices, ipad and keyboards
Laia Duran and Lorena Nogal, choreography and movement
Roger Vila, stage direction
Mariona Ibáñez, assistant director and playwright
Guillem Bonfill, light design
Kiala Kanzi, Anjana Berger and Guillem Estevan, styling equipment and jewelry
Laura Viñals, production

In co - production with

ESCENES: Women and creation: “Pairidaeza” by Marina Herlop
Program of this concert:
Scenes: "Herd" by Marina Herlop


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