OBC: Rendering

CASSANDRA MILLER: La Donna (2021) 20′ - World premiere, commissioned by L'Auditori
WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART: Concerto for oboe in C, KV. 314 (1777) 20′
FRANZ SCHUBERT / LUCIANO BERIO: Rendering (1828/1990) 35′

In the architectural and building sectors, one of the meanings of the word render in English is to fill in the gaps between bricks, stones or tiles with mortar. This is Luciano Berio's starting point in Rendering, where he takes Franz Schubert's uncompleted Symphony No. 10, D936a and literally attempts to fill in all the gaps in the original manuscript. In its conception as a process of creative reconstruction, Rendering goes one step further than simply completing an unfinished work by opening up the possibility of revisiting it through rewarding dialogue with history.

Cassandra Miller also journeys back and forth to existing music. L'Auditori's guest composer during the 2020-2021 season, Miller focuses on exploiting found footage of all kinds, manipulating fragments of scores, notes, and recordings until their origins can no longer be distinguished. One of today's most singular composers, she takes a careful, profound look at the ephemeral nature of today's world.


Barcelona Symphony Orchestra
Ruth Reinhardt, conductor
Ramón Ortega Quero, oboe

OBC: Rendering


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